Have you ever thought, what could happen if I suddenly became incapacitated and unable to work? What would happen if I was made redundant or worse still if I died?В

What would happen to my home and my family?

Our advisors will calmly listen to your concerns, look into your finances and explain your options. We will source the most suitable and affordable policies for your needs.

Take a look at what we offer-

  • We will explore your budget and find you the perfect insurance cover. 
  • We will consider all aspects from type of protection to the level of protection.
  • We help provide a secure financial future for your family if the unexpected happens.
  • Remember, we advise you decide.


From life insurance & critical illness to income protection and health insurance we cover a variety of protection planning.


We will consider what type protection you require and what budget you can afford and provide you with total flexibility. 

  • Cover will cease on insurance products if premium payments are not maintained.
  • Generally, these plans have no cash in value at any time and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are not maintained, then cover will lapse.
  • The definitions vary between product providers and will be described in the key features and policy document, if you go ahead with the plan.

After application we will keep you updated and provide support through to completion. Whether you are accepted immediately for cover, or require a medical or GP’s report, we will keep you updated and provide support through to completion